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October 9, 2017 by Priyank Agarwal

The whole world is talking about cryptocurrency—investing in it, promoting it, trying to understand it. But one worry that is still stopping some people from investing in cryptocurrency is their lack of understanding about how their ownership of crypto will play in. This is a worry that is answered by LAToken. A team of finance, marketing, and blockchain experts from all over the world, LAToken is bringing to the people a product that is going to bridge real economy with crypto.
LAToken is aiming at applying the tokenisation concept on actual, real-life assets—both physical and digital. It is all about bringing all assets into one central exchange. By diversifying into a variety of different assets, LAToken aims at bringing investment strategy to the blockchain with only one aim in mind—handing the freedom of finance and ownership back to the individual.

How does it works?

LAToken brings to the owner a middle-ground between token Custodian and investors. A platform much ahead of its contemporaries, LAToken allows owners to issue and/or trade asset tokens linked to assets that were previously illiquid (equity, debt, commodities, works of art, real estate etc.) to a LAToken Custodian. This Custodian will then issue asset tokens linked to the asset values and sell them to cryptoholders who may choose to sell them on a secondary market. The asset owner can then choose to buy back the token on the settlement date or simply let the custodian sell the asset at a flat auction and dispense the earnings among the holders of that asset token.

Key Differentials

  • To begin with, LAToken is aiming to resolve the biggest worry of ownership among crypto-currency holders. To be able to trade everyday assets in cryptocurrency is a service being offered only LAToken.
  • In addition, it allows traders to trade globally 24/7 and up to a leverage of 50x.
  • It is already an operational platform entertaining more than 3000 contributors (as of September 2017). It presently allows people to tokenise assets, list them for sale, and trade them on a secondary market.

Become a part of LAToken

LAToken is a #1 asset tokenization project by raised funds with $18.5m contributed by 12,000+ crypto holders. An already operational platform, it allows people to invest in a variety of shares such as Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Google as well as oil, gold, and real estate ETFs through crypto.
To extend this opportunity for people, LAToken is holding an event in Blockchain Economic Forum in New York from October 31 to November 1. The prime aim of this forum is to invite major industry players to join hands with top 500 investors and entrepreneurs for designing a roadmap for the exponentially growing crypto economy. This serves as a wonderful opportunity for an investor to get ties and insights for growing their business in addition to the blockchain economy.